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About Us


Mother and daughter

Moonpainter is a shared passion for my mother and I. Since I was little, I have absorbed from her an interest for fashion, art, home decor and design, but what's more, we share an open-mindedness and curiosity for everything new. This background led me to Paris to study fashion design in the beginning of the new Millennium. For the same reason I wanted to continue my studies in Finland, where I later graduated as Master of Arts in art and design.

As I was studying in Paris, not only did the consumers' and the designers' awareness and understanding of, and interest in the product's origin and life cycle grow considerably, but a great digital transformation also occurred at the same time, computers became more common and the Internet made the world seem smaller.

New technologies make different concepts and business models possible. Future trends was one area I worked with in Paris, and I am still immensely interested in all the possibilities and changes that the future can bring to the field of fashion and decor.

Only your imagination is the limit!

At the moment, we at Moonpainter are especially excited in creating individualized products. We want to give you the opportunity to create and design textiles that match your style. The prints to our own Moonpainter- products come from e.g. artists and photographers, children' s drawings and paintings, holiday mementos and sketching all the beautiful that surrounds us. Personally I have been particularly inspired by sunsets, my great-grandmother's crafts and the use of colors, as well as by my children' s fresh attitude towards making art. What inspires you?

We work from Finland but our market is the world.